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A scalable and highly configurable battery management system for commercial, industrial, and electrical utility battery packs.

■ Grid Energy Storage

■ Specialty Vehicles / Marine / Robots

■ Telecom / Datacom

■ Technical Specifications

Nuvation BMS™ is a modular battery management system designed for applications ranging from grid energy storage systems and telecom power backup equipment to specialty vehicles, marine vessels, and mobile robots. Nuvation’s 4th generation BMS architecture, Nuvation BMS is the outcome of eight years of experience delivering custom battery management systems and 18 years of experience developing complex electronic products for all market verticals. This utility-grade battery management system is comprised of three modules that monitor, balance, and protect cells and stacks, and a Grid Battery Controller that manages multi-stack configurations.

Nuvation BMS Modules (for more details, see Technical Specifications)

■ Grid Battery Controller

■ Stack Controller

■ Cell Interface

■ Power Interface

A typical single-stack system configuration includes one Stack Controller, one Power Interface and one or more Cell Interfaces connected in series. Multiple Cell Interfaces can be connected together in a daisy-chain to increase pack voltage. This daisy-chain is connected to a Stack Controller that manages all cells in a stack. The Power Interface isolates high-voltage and high-current components of the stack physically and electrically from the other modules. It also powers the BMS directly from the battery stack, eliminating the need for any external power supplies. Multiple Stack Controllers can be connected to a Grid Battery Controller that manages multiple stacks in parallel and energy storage capacities ranging from kilowatt-hours to megawatt-hours.

Nuvation BMS Block Diagram
Single stack view, grid energy application

Single Stack Grid Battery Block Diagram

Features and Benefits

Flexibility – With over 1000 editable settings, Nuvation BMS provides the convenience of an off-the-shelf BMS with the performance of a fully customized system, as well as designed-in support for future optimizations and changes to the battery.

Accessibility – BMS firmware and battery configuration updates can be pushed out from one central / remote location to all BMS modules. Nuvation BMS can communicate remotely with external maintenance and monitoring systems via Ethernet (Modbus TCP), CAN, and Modbus/RS485.

Accuracy – Includes protection from electromagnetic interference to ensure highly accurate voltage readings and reliable communications.

Reliability – The system can be dually powered by the battery stack as well as via an external power source to remain operational when cells are fully discharged. This allows the BMS to maintain communications with external systems and manage the cell recharge process even from zero voltage.

Scalability – Modular scalable architecture enables the Nuvation BMS to be configured to support batteries ranging from small low-voltage specialty vehicles or large telecom UPS systems to a 1250 VDC grid energy storage system.

Safety – Failsafe design includes redundant systems and built-in ground fault impedance measurement to maximize safety and battery protection. Dual independent processors located in different modules monitor each other and the battery cells for unsafe and faulty operation and disconnect the contactors, isolating the battery stack when an unsafe condition is detected.

Nuvation BMS supports most cell chemistries, including Li-Ion (e.g. LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiFeYPo4, LiMn2O4, LiMnO2, LiNiCoAlO2, LiNiMnCoO2, LiPo), Lead-Acid, Nickel-Metal Hydride, Liquid Metal, and others.

Customization options

For clients who need additional customization, Nuvation’s BMS engineering team provides system integration services and client-specific customizations such as a higher or lower stack voltage input, different connector types, custom PCB form factors, enclosure to IP65, added display capability, hardware or software additions, and any other special requirements.

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