Project Success

Nuvation has optimized project-execution for project success.

Clients often approach Nuvation with projects that push the limits of technical feasibility. 14 bit ADCs with half-picosecond jitter requirements at 500MHz, complex telecom systems with backplanes, sophisticated detection systems, and GPS handhelds constrained by form factor, BOM cost, power usage, and extremely low noise tolerances are just a few examples.

Our engineering team is seasoned. Most of our senior engineers have over 25 years of experience and collectively our team possesses centuries of advanced engineering expertise. And, when you engage a single resource from Nuvation, you are engaging the combined knowledge and capabilities of the entire organization.

Our innovative design methodology is optimized for risk-management. Combined with our tenured professionals, our track record for “first-time-right” designs is unparalleled. The savings to our clients is immeasurable in terms of time, cost, and headaches.

When a project is mission-critical, it makes sense to utilize an established team with a proven track record.