Wireless Design

Nuvation has extensive expertise with wireless engineering and developing RF systems for the the full spectrum of frequencies up to 50GHz. RF wireless system applications have included consumer portables, vehicle telematics, robotics, wireless base stations, radar & microwave applications, scientific test equipment, ultrasound and MRI medical imaging systems.

Our team of engineering experts can help you with developing RF wireless solutions to fit nearly any project’s needs and specifications.

Areas of RF / Wireless Design Expertise:

  • Antenna design
  • RFID
  • IEEE 802.15 and WPAN (Bluetooth)
  • ZigBee
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication
  • Doppler Radar
  • IEEE 802.11
  • Microwave (terrestrial and space)
  • GPS
  • 100 MHz to multi-GHz RF design
  • Ultra Wideband (UWB)

Project Examples

handheld rf wireless design

CATV Measurement Tool

• Operating frequency of 5MHz – 1.02GHz
• Performs 152 channel measurements is < 2s
• QAM demodulator for DVB-C & MCNS

IoT monitoring design

IoT Equipment Monitoring

Base station and remote sensors
NFC reader and IR proximity sensor
Freescale ARM Cortex M4 and M0 processors

Industrial M2M design

Infrastructure Maintenance System

Industrial M2M communication system
420uW background monitoring power
DSP for onboard signal analysis

wireless security design

Wireless Surveillance System

• 802.11 preN wireless, 800′ range
• H.264 video codec, 30fps D1 resolution
• CES Engineering Excellence award winner