Time to Market

Nuvation lives and breathes time-to-market. Our clients depend on it.

Everything at Nuvation is geared towards engineering efficiency: our engineering processes, our tools, our people, even our corporate culture. Our innovative methodologies enable us to compress development schedules by as much as 30-40%. Yet your design is solidly tested, professionally documented, and ready for production.

No valuable time is wasted finding candidates, interviewing, team-building and implementing IT infrastructure and engineering tools. We can often have your project completed before an in-house team could even be assembled! Accelerating time-to-market can greatly enhance product life cycles and realized revenues.

Success Story

We recently had a new client request a quick turn design for a Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) control system. Besides an application for Automated Test Equipment, the client needed the system for mission-critical customer demonstrations.

From a conceptual Power Point slide, we designed the mixed-signal main board, the control board, the CPLD code, and mechanical enclosure; sourced parts, managed PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly, in a 4-day turn with invaluable assistance from our partner, Hunter Technology.

The board completed prototyping, mechanical cut and punch, testing, optical integration, and was delivered to the client, ready for the live customer demo in just 3½ weeks!