Integrated Design to Manufacturing – bringing your product from concept to market.

  • Our IDM service bridges the gap between traditional electronic design and manufacturing services
  • Our “early start” integrated manufacturing process meshes with our design cycle to get your product to market as fast as possible
  • Manufacturing can range from PCB assemblies through to system level box-builds
  • Assembled units delivered to you have passed all specified test procedures

Our IDM Process:



Prototype and production units are built in highly automated ISO certified facilities (ISO9001, ISO9100 and ISO13485 certified facilities are available). When Nuvation controls the entire product development, we deliver working product to you. For projects that transition to higher volume, we create all the required manufacturing and testing documentation. This can include DFx optimization for manufacturing as well as test plan development (automated assembly, 5DX, AOI, electrical testing, environmental stress screening (ESS), burn-in, etc.).

Our unique IDM model provides fast and seamless feedback to our design engineering staff to improve the manufacturability of the electronic product being developed. We can rapidly update designs and implement changes to make improvements at the PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, system level assembly, and final test stages. BOM scrubbing and AVL definition is an integral part of this process. Certification testing is also handled by engineers controlling the design, allowing for fast adjustments to be made to complete the certification testing cycle. This integrated approach allows for rapid time-to-market for the product and accelerates the preparation needed for higher volume manufacturing runs.