Integrated Design to Manufacturing – bringing your product from concept to market.

Nuvation’s Integrated Design to Manufacturing (IDM) services bridge the gap between traditional electronic design and manufacturing services. We are able to bring products to market faster by offering  concurrent design engineering, manufacturing engineering, new product introduction, production ramp, and production management services.


The IDM Advantage

  • One Source Responsibility
    • We provide a simplified and cohesive engagement from architecture to production,
    • We facilitate client focus on their own internal core competencies and execution
  • Manufacturing Expertise in the Design Engineering Process
    • We focus on the lowest designed unit cost, incorporating design, procurement, and manufacturing costs
    • Products are designed for high manufacturing yields at volume production
    • We utilize our reliable industry partnerships and supply chain relationships
  • Specific Design Knowledge in the Manufacturing Process
    • We ensure production processes match design complexity and quantity goals
    • We use root cause analysis and correction during rapid pilot, pre-production, and mass production to minimize the time required before high volumes can be achieved
    • We provide expedited and competent production and supply chain problem mitigation
  • Concurrent Design and Manufacturing
    • Tightly coupled and design and manufacturing teams prevent communication issues commonly associated with serial design and manufacturing processes
    • We perform design and manufacturing processes in parallel to minimize the overall time-to-market and time-to-revenue

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