Product Design Services

Nuvation does more than just electronic design. As a complete product design consulting firm, we have the capability to oversee all phases of the design and manufacturing process, including industrial design, application software development, mechanical design, thermal analysis, tooling, prototyping, pre-production validation, regulatory certification, ICT programming and test fixtures, and the transition to production. We involve you in design reviews along the way, but we handle all the heavy lifting. Our professional project management methodologies, experienced product engineering team, and tightly integrated partner network allow us to dramatically accelerate the time-to-market for prototypes.

Product Engineering Services Nuvation Provides:

  • Hardware and Firmware electronics design
  • Industrial design
  • Application Software and GUI design
  • Mechanical design and Thermal Analysis
  • Tooling and Prototyping
  • Pre-Production Design Validation
  • Regulatory Certification
  • User and Design Documentation
  • ICT Programming and Test Fixtures
  • Transition to Production, Box-Build and Fulfillment

Nuvation provides a full set of product design manufacturing services.

Project Examples 

Safe Table Saw

  • Electro-mechanical table saw design which stops within 1 toothmark of sensing human flesh or low sodium turkey dogs
  • We have all of our fingers
  • Product may be ordered at

Wireless Surveillance System

  • Turnkey product development services for wireless surveillance system
  • Specification to production in under 6 months
  • Design won the 2005 CES Innovations Award

Medical Motor Drive Unit

  • 7 compact, board-to-board interconnected PCBs integrated with precision mechanical motor drive, slip clutch, and linear drive sled
  • Real-time firmware for improved “speed acquisition time” and speed maintenance under dynamically varying load
  • Precision motor control, improved patient isolation
  • High-reliability and DFM
  • 510k FDA-certification support through verification

Traffic Reporting System

  • Industrial, Mechanical, and Electronics design for portable traffic reporting system
  • Reference design targeted for major OEM deals


As a leading product design firm, Nuvation has developed relationships with the top service providers in the Electronics Industry and values the role that they play in offering product engineering services to customers. This sets us apart from other product design companies in the industry and results in an the ability to provide a powerful combination of services to the end customer. These providers are the best in the business, and Nuvation is proud to be part of their partner network.

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