Experience the Nuvation Engineering Difference

  Founded in 1997, Nuvation Engineering is an electronic design company that provides hardware design, software development, and FPGA design services for  electronic product development. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with a Design Center in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Over 25+ years of engineering we have developed our own project management and engineering methodologies, using them with 300+ customers over 1000+ projects.     

    Nuvation EngineeringOur multidisciplinary team is comprised of over 40 full-time engineering, development, and other technical resources, many of whom possess over fifteen years of experience. Unlike smaller engineering firms, both small and large projects benefit from our ability to assign resources with very specific technical expertise in a broad range of areas. When you work with Nuvation Engineering you are partnering with experienced professionals who not only design electronic products but also provide solutions that empower the success of your business.

The System Architecture Advantage

Our engineering team includes specialists in design for reliability, certification, and manufacturing (DFx), system integration, component selection, FPGA development, communications protocols, device software, and more. In addition to possessing the technical expertise required to successfully complete your project, our engineering design approach can also include:

  • Design for reliability – incorporating high-reliability design principles into your solution to reduce warranty and after-sales service costs.
  • Design for extensibility – enabling your product to evolve during its lifetime by designing in generational interoperability and third-party product integration support.
  • Reduce overall solution cost – balancing product cost and performance through hardware engineering, software design, and component selection.
  • Optimize product life cycle – extending the life of your product iteration by anticipating future performance requirements.
  • Design for production efficiency – utilizing common higher volume sub-components and re-using components across your product line.

Empowering Your Success

A great idea and a well-made device are only two of many criteria that must be met to ensure long-term and recurring returns on your product investment. Nuvation Engineering can help you protect your IP and incorporate additional revenue stream enablers into your product design.

  • Patents and IP protectionNuvation Engineering – design in novel characteristics that qualify your solution for IP patents.
  • Revenue stream optimization – explore ways to design in additional recurring revenue stream opportunities such as tiered licensing, service call reminders, consumable component re-ordering alerts, and SaaS offerings.
  • Warranty voiding detection – incorporate device monitoring that will reveal if your product has been tampered with or operated outside of operational parameters.
  • Regulatory compliance consulting – design up front for regulatory compliance to mitigate the risk of unexpected cost adders during the certification effort. We can also carry out the review and approval processes with the certification bodies on your behalf.

Ask us how we can help ensure the long-term success of your next electronic design project.