Nuvation Engineering performs all aspects of product development, from electronic product design to volume production. We have been providing electronic design services for more than 20 years. In that time, Nuvation Engineering has delivered over 1000 electronic product designs, including hardware and software device solutions, across industries ranging from consumer electronics to industrial automation and data acquisition. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best practices in project management, and strong relationships with technology partners.

We provide electronic design services for many industries, including Video, Wireless, Medical, Defense Robotics, and High-Performance Computing.

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With over 1000 successful design projects delivered, our industry experience in electronic product design is extensive. We understand the unique electronic design challenges in a variety of sectors.

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Low-Cost Portable Ventilator
Low-Cost Portable Ventilator
Nuvation Engineering worked with a client in the medical industry to build a low-cost portable ventilator for ...
space system
Aerospace Data Acquisition System
Nuvation Engineering designed and manufactured a 24-channel data acquisition system for a client in the...
Electrostatic Industrial Automation
Electrostatic Industrial Automation System
A client in the industrial automation industry chose Nuvation Engineering to design a never before seen...
Identity Verification Device
Identity Verification for Payment
A client in the financial services industry chose Nuvation Engineering to develop an identity verification...