IoT Edge Computing

For sensor-driven IoT networks, Nuvation Engineering offers a suite of Internet of Things design services ranging from IoT architecture design to new product introduction.

Smart Sensor Design

The smart sensor, or “edge device,” sits on the outer edge of the IoT network and collects the granular data required by businesses, individuals, and intelligent systems. Our services include:

  • Development of custom single- or multi-function sensors
  • Sensor integration (e.g. acoustic, motion, temperature, moisture)
  • Smart power management (e.g. ultra-low-power states)
  • Video security and data capture
  • Wired or wireless networking enablement and integration

IoT Gateway Design

The gateway is the bridge between the sensor network and the cloud. It collects all the data transmitted by the sensors and can also push periodic firmware updates to them. Nuvation Engineering can deliver custom gateway solutions or augment an existing device.

  • Embedded software development of sensor data collection solutions
  • Latency management to deliver near real-time performance
  • Data flow management for large data sets
  • PCB design and I/O integration (e.g. Ethernet, USB)
  • Power management
  • Cloud connectivity (e.g. cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi)

Sensor Networking

A business-critical requirement for any IoT network is a secure and highly reliable connectivity infrastructure. Our services include:

  • Communications firmware development and cross-platform integration
  • Secure communications encryption and device identification
  • Support for wireless protocols (e.g. Bluetooth wireless technology, Wi-Fi, 802.xx.x, Sub-1GHz, 2.4 GHz, custom radio protocols)
  • RF Design
    • Co-location testing
    • Certifications such as FCC part 15, ETSI, EN60251, and others
    • RF tuning and optimization for discrete solutions
    • 4GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) bands
    • 868MHz/915MHz – custom point to point and broadcast protocols for sensor data, status messages, distributing firmware upgrades and media content

Cloud Connectivity

Many types of IoT data translate into true business value via connectivity with the cloud. Nuvation Engineering can develop cloud connectivity solutions that enable functionality such as:

  • Have the gateway send periodic “heartbeats” to the cloud server to let it know that the sensor network is alive and healthy
  • Have the gateway and smart sensor devices receive “pushed” commands, configuration and software updates
  • Support for application-level system management and analytics software

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