Fire Hydrant Monitoring System

Nuvation Engineering developed an ultra low-power, smart leak detector for monitoring leaking pipes connected to fire hydrants. Functionality includes high-sensitivity acoustic monitoring, data logging, and signal analysis. Data is collected and shared via a wireless mesh network.

monitoring chips

Design Features:

  • Multi-processor system using a Texas Instruments MSP430 ultra-low power microcontroller and C5535 low-power digital signal processor, achieving 420uW of background monitoring power
  • Dual UART interfaces for communication with a GPS unit and radio hardware, capable of waking device from low-power mode when activity is detected
  • Automated test framework for continuous integration of new features through unit and system integration tests. Capable of profiling system power consumption, stack usage, and length of critical sections to guarantee interrupt timing
  • Custom flash NAND flash file system running on bare metal, requiring only 2kB of RAM, on the TI MSP430