Discofish Meets Paparazzi at Burning Man 2014

By Joseph Xavier | Sep 14, 2014

It look like the tech paparazzi got a snap of Discofish, Nuvation’s ever evolving autonomous vehicle experiment, at Burning Man 2014, and an honorable mention in Techcrunch. Well, to be fair, they called her a “horror from the depths of the ocean” instead of Discofish, but hey, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right? But seriously Techcrunch folks, if you want to actually get to know her by name, do drop by and let us take you on a tour, she lives at the Nuvation Garage in Sunnyvale California. Be sure to come visit at night though, so we can light ‘er up for ya! This year we added LED-expressive iridescent tail fins to the humble camper van that has grown into a an extra long fully autonomous vehicle with LIDAR, a sound stage, flamethrower, and (ahem, cough cough) “dancing pole” on it’s “tongue.” Here she is all lit up at Burning Man in 2013.
And (drumroll….) we also made internet TV! It was Andy Warhol who said we all get 15 minutes of fame. I counted about a 3/4 of a second for Discofish at 2:35 (the timer runs backwards, so that’s at the beginning) of Katie Kouric’s video about Burning Man. Andy, you owe us 14 minutes, 59.25 seconds.