Low-Cost Portable Ventilator

A Nuvation Engineering client wanted to build a low-cost medical ventilator for use in developing countries where hospitals cannot afford to purchase many mechanical ventilators.

Nuvation Engineering worked with the client to design and build a ventilator that cost less than half the price of most mechanical ventilators on the market. We were able to achieve this by using lower cost components and a unique architecture.

A ventilator at this price point could help reduce the shortage of ventilators in hospitals and enable developing countries to provide patients with better care.

Low-Cost Portable Ventilator

Design Features:

  • System-level architecture for life-critical medical design
  • Electro-mechanical design according to IEC60601-1 (Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance)
  • Software design processes according to IEC62304 (Medical device software - Software life cycle processes)
  • IPC Class 3 and IEC60601-1 compliant
  • Mixed-signal PCB design: 10 layers, 0.063”, 370HR
  • Altera FPGA for real-time breath control, NXP dual-core ARM processor for GUI, Bluetooth LE (BLE) for data transfer
  • Co-development of custom “smart” lithium-ion battery pack, employing multiple redundant safety features
  • Co-development of custom membrane panel and custom mass air flow sensor
  • Pneumatic systems design including design of novel breath control algorithms