Motor Controller for Battery-Powered Outdoor Equipment

A client chose Nuvation Engineering to develop a motor controller board for their new battery-powered outdoor equipment.

motor controller

Design Features:

  • Drives mid-size motors (1kW range) in heavy-duty outdoor tools such as lawnmowers, earth and ice augers, snowblowers, etc.
  • 2-board solution includes one metal core PCB which provides superior thermal properties, supporting 50A in a compact PCB form factor
  • Nuvation-developed fully custom sensorless PMSM and BLDC motor controller platform to support customer-defined and safety features
  • Supports regenerative and rheostatic braking
  • Generated code using MathWorks® Simulink, which simplifies future product iterations
  • Field oriented control (FOC) algorithms intelligently adjust magnetic fields in electric motor for highly precise torque and speed control
  • Texas Instruments C2000 processor