FPGA Design: Tips From the Experts

By Lindsay Farlow | Apr 2, 2014

Looking for FPGA companies? Our articles about FPGA project development have been some of the most popular on the blog. Here is a recap of our top 3 FPGA design posts. 

1) An Easier Verification Method for FPGA Designs

10G-AMC-for-Telecom.gifVerifying a video design in an FPGA can involve writing tedious video test inputs  and expected outputs. Our FPGA engineers developed a simulation tool in C++ called the Computational Model. See if this approach will work for your next FPGA design!

2) 4 Reasons You Should Be Using VMs for FPGA and Software Development

Are you using a virtual machine for your FPGA development? Here are 4 ways VMs can improve security and FPGA design efficiency.

3) 4K Video Design Challenges, Solved!

Any electronic product design that uses 4K video will need to solve unique memory and video interfacing challenges. FPGAs are a perfect solution! Find out how the processing power and architecture flexibility of the latest SoC FPGAs can be applied.