New Product Introduction (NPI)

By Joseph Xavier | Dec 8, 2015

Our highly efficient Integrated Design to Manufacturing (IDM) process incorporates preparation for the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase of product development early in the electronic design effort. This creates efficiencies that can shorten total project time by as much as 30%, and provides all stakeholders with detailed visibility into the final steps of product realization. Nuvation’s New Product Introduction (NPI) stages are:

  • Stage A: Initial Manufacturing Engagement – The manufacturing work plan, readiness test plan and test verification plans are generated and documented.
  • Stage BManufacturing Engineering – The design(s) are closely analyzed to ensure all aspects optimally support sustained manufacturing. Manufacturing test development begins.
  • Stage CManufacturing New Product Introduction – One or more “validation builds” are created in 2-25x prototype quantities.
  • Stage DManufacturing Ramp and Production – Formal production unit cost quotes are prepared for batch quantities to be delivered on specified production schedules.
  • Stage EPost-Production Support – Nuvation provides engineering support to the Contract Manufacturer (CM) and provides high-volume manufacturing hand-off support.