Signal Integrity Analysis service for High-Speed Designs

By Nuvation | May 15, 2002


5/14/02 – Nuvation expands Signal Integrity Analysis service for High-Speed Designs

Nuvation today announced Nuvation-SI, an expanded Signal Integrity (SI) Analysis service for high-speed board designs in applications such as datacom/telecom, wireless, imaging, and security/defense. The service represents an expansion of Nuvation’s expertise with digital and analog SI analysis utilized in its turnkey electronics design projects.

“With migration from parallel to high speed serial interfaces, faster on-board clock speeds, and higher board densities, customers are increasingly turning to Nuvation’s high-speed design expertise to avoid unnecessary board respins, contain project NRE, and deliver proper system functionality on accelerated design schedules.” said Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation. “Our pre-layout and post-layout services validate the design’s signal integrity before boards are built and assembled. Nuvation-SI greatly reduces risk of multiple board spins to achieve desired performance targets.”

Companies designing high-speed boards, such as those used in leading telecom/datacom, wireless, imaging, and security/defense-related devices, are increasingly testing the limits of traditional PCB layout and fabrication constraints. Advanced simulation tools and highly-specialized engineering knowledge are required to successfully implement these designs.

Companies that produce architecture and schematic designs in-house can now take their schematics and netlists to Nuvation-SI for turnkey PCB layout including pre-layout and post-layout analysis by specialized Nuvation engineers. These layouts are fully simulated and are ready for manufacturing. Nuvation-SI partners with best-of-class PCB layout firms and prototype manufacturing firms to enable full turnkey services from schematic to prototype.

As the complexity of technology increases, it becomes mission-critical for technology companies to access immediate embedded system design expertise. Over the past few years, this requirement has fueled a growing trend among leading technology companies to outsource embedded system designs. Nuvation has built a reputation as a leading Silicon Valley engineering design service provider for FPGA, ASIC, board, firmware, and firmware design. Nuvation has been recognized for its engineering efficiency, technical capabilities, and commitment to meeting time-to-market goals.

“We’ve been doing SI testing informally for a number of years. As a high-speed design center, we are getting more and more requests for it. So we’ve made a strategic decision to open up this service not just to our board design clients but also to those who may do the schematic in-house but need our assistance with layout and SI,” said Chris Hallahan, Nuvation’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “In doing so, we’ve upgraded some of our tools and overhauled some of our processes to work with short-term project cycles vs. our typical 3 to 6 month engagements. It’s a natural fit for our skills in high-speed design and our customers are responding well to our new service offering.”

Issues such as cross-talk, ground bounce, EMI/EMC, transmission line effects, substrate noise, RF signal control, and ringing are analyzed and controlled through pre and post-layout analysis tools. Without proper signal integrity analysis, many high-speed digital and analog/RF designs fail to bring-up properly. This leads to extensive debug time, waste of expensive components, board re-spins, and product introduction delays. Nuvation-SI integrates proper tool flows, IBIS models, experienced layout services, and advanced PCB fabrication and assembly services with its own advanced engineering expertise to enable greater probability of success in high-speed electronics designs.

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