Retail Analytics Camera

A Nuvation Engineering client asked us to develop a retail analytics camera to capture shopper behavior inside stores. Marketers would use this behavioral data to optimize store layouts and product displays. Nuvation Engineering developed a stereoscopic (3D) camera that watches shoppers as they move around a store by assigning them a unique identity through their cell phone's radio emissions, and tracking their movements with the camera. This turnkey product development project included the entire electronic product development cycle, from initial design through to finished products rolling off the assembly line with all industry certifications required to sell into the client's target markets.


Design Features:

  • All non-isolated external I/O and power interfaces employ transient voltage suppression devices to protect sensitive components
  • The PCB stack-up is designed to optimize EMI compliance and SI
  • Power over Ethernet (802.3af)
  • ON Semiconductor (formally Aptina) MT9V032 image sensors
  • Texas Instruments DaVinci Digital Media Processor
  • Texas Instruments WiLink™ 8 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy module
  • Embedded Linux OS and BlueZ stack
  • Texas Instruments DVR-RDK