Soccer Trainer Protoype

A Nuvation Engineering client wanted to build a motorized soccer trainer to help players with skills development and injury rehabilitation. Nuvation designed a soccer trainer for the client that can be controlled by a player’s smartphone. It can hold up to six soccer balls and has three wheels which allow it to pivot and turn. The player can control where the soccer trainer points, aims and launches the ball. This project required Nuvation Engineering to develop the electrical hardware, firmware, and software to control the soccer trainer’s motor control board, as well as the web software to support the product.

Electrical Soccer Trainer

Design Features:

  • Gumstix Overo AirStorm
  • Remote control of machine using PC or mobile devices
  • On-unit GUI driven by the QT software development framework
  • OpenEmbedded Linux/Angstrom
  • Web server that facilitates the remote control of the unit