Nuvation Engineering understands the time and cost constraints of the consumer electronics industry. We will work with your product team to deliver a cost-optimized product that you can get to market in time for your target buying season. When the features you are looking to include take you beyond your target price point we work closely with our technology partners to find solutions that can keep you in scope, and we will work with your team to balance costs and performance. Whether you are looking to augment your team with specific consumer electronics design expertise or you are looking for turnkey electronic product design, Nuvation Engineering can help you reach your goal.

Consumer Electronics Design Expertise:

  • PC peripherals: USB, Firewire, and IDE/SATA
  • Wireless devices
  • Consumer portables
  • Digital video
  • Surveillance systems
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Flash-memory-based devices
  • Storage devices