Nuvation Engineering has completed hundreds of data acquisition and control projects including lab test equipment, wearables, life sciences equipment, avionics controls, video capture, leak detection, low-cost networked devices and more.

Our broad test and measurement expertise includes test equipment and semiconductor validation systems and range from large-scale automated test and measurement equipment to evaluation boards and technology validation platforms.

Our robotics design experience includes electro-mechanical design, motor control, video/vision systems, mobile power, wireless communications, and navigation software development.


Transducer selection, signal conditioning (analog and/or digital), power management, reference generation, and reliability analysis.


Networking (wireless / wired), data security, synchronization data analysis, noise filtering, data modelling, and feature extraction.


State management, PID control, alert generation, logging, feedback loops, and motor control.


Analog design, signal conditioning, FPGA-based RTL validation boards, multiple FPGA/segmented designs, application specific demo cards, lab test equipment, and control systems.


  • System-level design of electromechanical assemblies
  • Motor controllers
  • Machine vision systems
  • Video analytics, including object detection, identification, and tracking
  • Sensor calibration and analytics
    • Range finding using time-of-flight (ToF)
    • Sensor error compensation
  • Simulation of system dynamics and model-based controller design
  • Battery-based mobile power systems
  • LIDAR, GPS, camera-based autonomous guidance systems
  • Environmental sensing
  • Wireless control systems
  • Safety and regulatory certifications, such as ISO13849 Part 1, UL3100, IEC61508, 62061

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