Nuvation Engineering has the expertise to solve your data acquisition problems, whether that requires creating a custom platform or tuning and optimizing an off-the-shelf solution. Our experienced analog, digital, and software developers find timely and cost-effective solutions to meet the size, power, signal-to-noise, data rate and latency needs of your application.

Nuvation Engineering has completed hundreds of projects requiring data acquisition, including: AC powered lab test equipment, battery powered wearables, life sciences equipment, grid tied battery management systems, avionic control systems, video capture devices, and acoustic leak detection systems, and low-cost networked devices to name a few.

Data Acquisition:

  • Transducer selection
  • Signal conditioning (analog and/or digital)
  • Power management
  • Reference generation
  • Reliability analysis

Data Aggregation:

  • Networking (wireless / wired)
  • Data security
  • Synchronization Data Analysis:
  • Noise filtering
  • Data modelling
  • Feature extraction

Control Algorithms:

  • State management
  • PID control
  • Alert generation
  • Logging
  • Feedback loops
  • Motor control