Mil-Aero, DOD/DOE, and Homeland Security design projects are confidential, and the projects we take on are often incorporated into top-secret system designs. Types of past projects include ruggedized systems, head-up displays, video flight simulators, secure communications, encryption, laser and optics, discrete power supply designs, SAS/SAR, microwave, GPS, analog sensors, data acquisition systems, digital signal processing systems, signal recon, high-speed image acquisition, surveillance systems, precision test and control systems, LCD displays, handheld devices and motor controls.

All Nuvation Engineering's work is performed at our offices in North America.

Defense & Aerospace Design Services:

  • High-speed imaging and video
  • Secure communications, point-to-point or multipoint
  • Head-up displays
  • Ruggedized systems
  • Guidance systems
  • Wireless communications, GPS, microwave, custom RF
  • Large FPGA and DSP arrays
  • Precision analog
  • Electro-optical controllers
  • Terrestrial and space-based systems
  • Custom power supply designs, AC-DC and DC-DC
  • VME, CPCI, ATCA, other COTS designs