Nuvation Engineering provides creative industrial automation solutions that solve the complex technical challenges of next-generation platforms. Examples include dynamic speed control and laser guidance for factory conveyor belts, custom sensor solutions for revolutionary electrostatic braking systems, and control systems with millimeter level accuracy.

Nuvation Engineering’s industrial automation design engineers support all phases of the development process. From early requirements capture, architecture and feasibility analysis to detailed board design, DPS/FPGA acceleration, high-precision control algorithms, sensor integration, and low-latency networking all the way through design validation, integration, and performance testing to assisting with deployment. We have experience handling complex control and integrating innovative technologies to provide cutting edge capabilities to our customers. Nuvation Engineering will work closely with your team to ensure the industrial automation solution is efficient, reliable, and effective for your organization.

Industrial Automation Expertise:

  • Machine Vision and LIDAR
  • Distributed system design
  • Synchronous distributed motor control
  • Diverse protocols such as EtherCAT, Modbus, DNP3, ZigBee, Ethernet/IP, etc.
  • EtherCAT high-reliability control (up to 10k nodes)
  • DSP & FPGA accelerated processing and control
  • Custom control algorithm design
  • Connectivity for local or cloud based configuration, logging, display, notification, and control

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