Nuvation Engineering has robotics design experience across a wide range of fields, including: electro-mechanical design, motor control, video/vision systems, mobile power, wireless communications, and navigation software development. Our expertise combined with the ability to integrate those technologies into holistic robotic systems have resulted in the completion of many multi-disciplinary, complex robotics applications. Some of those projects include:

  • Autonomous vehicle IP integration into Peterbilt truck
  • Low-latency video system for remote operation of subsea vehicle over great distances in real-time
  • UAVs for asset monitoring and payload delivery
  • Game playing robots that interact directly with human users or compete against other robots
  • AI-powered consumer electronic toys
  • & more!

The design and build of robotic systems have been a central part of our company focus since the very early years of Nuvation Engineering. In addition to our customer programs, we have achieved notable success with our in-house robotic developments. Nuvation Engineering’s robotic demonstration platforms have been installed in several technology museums around the world.

Robotics Design Expertise

  • System-level design of electromechanical assemblies
  • Motor controllers
  • Machine vision systems
  • Video analytics, including object detection, identification, and tracking
  • Sensor calibration and analytics
    • Range finding using time-of-flight (ToF)
    • Sensor error compensation
  • Simulation of system dynamics and model-based controller design
  • Battery-based mobile power systems
  • LIDAR, GPS, camera-based autonomous guidance systems
  • Environmental sensing
  • Wireless control systems
  • Safety and regulatory certifications, such as ISO13849 Part 1, UL3100, IEC61508, 62061