Wearable Security Device

A client in the consumer electronics industry chose Nuvation Engineering to build a voice-activated, wearable personal security device. Nuvation Engineering's wireless electronic design team developed a tiny device that can be voice or touch activated. Once activated, it connects to the wearer's phone via Bluetooth and notifies the authorities of the wearer’s GPS location. The device also features a bright LED light designed to distract an attacker, and also has a camera, speaker, and microphone.


Design Features:

  • Always-on voice recognition system - activated by either voice trigger word or double tapping
  • Ultra-low power - ~120-second active runtime (after 12+ hours in standby)
  • Integrated speaker and microphone for two-way voice communication
  • Camera captures image every 2 seconds and storing it as evidence data
  • Bluetooth connectivity with wearer’s mobile phone
  • Automatically transfer the evidence to the Smartphone for cloud storage
  • Small form factor: (~26mm x 26mm x 9mm) and low mass ~10g