Nuvation Selected for Purigen Biosystems’ Revolutionary DNA Extraction Instrument

Apr 13, 2022

Medical Device Design

Nuvation Engineering provided custom board design, firmware development, and regulatory compliance testing support for Purigen’s revolutionary DNA extraction and purification device.

June 12, 2020, Sunnyvale, CA. Purigen Biosystems selected Nuvation Engineering to provide hardware and device software development services for their ground-breaking life sciences instrument that separates DNA utilizing variations in ionic mobility within the sample.

Conventional DNA extraction techniques involve a sequence of steps which are labor intensive, time consuming, and error prone. These workflows require precision in sample mixing, handling, and transfer tasks and require the involvement of skilled technicians. The Purigen process requires no organic solvents, harsh high-salt buffers, sample transfers, buffer exchanges, repetitive washing or hand-mixing, all of which can result in DNA with sub-optimal purity.

Purigen Biosystems selected Nuvation Engineering to provide electronic design services for their Ionic® Purification System, an instrument that separates and concentrates DNA using Isotachophoresis (ITP), a process of applying an electrical current across a sample to extract DNA. The currents range from uA to mA across the 1.5 kV compliance range.

"Nuvation Engineering was a trusted extension of Purigen’s engineering team throughout this project,” said Klint Rose, CSO and Founder of Purigen Biosystems. “They applied an impressive amount of varied technical expertise to solve many challenges in the design of our instrument.”

Nuvation Engineering developed a high-voltage board that includes a 1.5 kV power supply and a robust set of safety monitoring and interlock circuits, as well as four additional custom PCBAs. The main PCBA is a densely populated board with an ARM processor, embedded single board computer (SBC), multiple DC/DC supplies and peripheral circuits. The remaining three boards perform specialized sensing, actuation, and data acquisition functions. Nuvation provided custom firmware, capacitive touchscreen and UI development support, and managed functional, safety, and regulatory compliance testing.

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