got diversity.

Nuvation provides Engineering Services for embedded applications spanning many markets including optical networking, wireless, Internet infrastructure, consumer devices, digital video, multimedia, security, military, aerospace, and semiconductor industries. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • Diversify your technical expertise
  • Keep your career dynamic and exciting
  • Gain a broad range of skills

got innovation.

Located in the major centers of high-tech innovation, Nuvation frequently works with industry pioneers on cutting-edge technology and products. This provides you with:

  • Technical challenge and excitement
  • Constant exposure to original design
  • Continual application of your creativity

got success.

Every team player at Nuvation is highly valued and respected, taking on a large level of responsibility. Your success will closely relate to the success of the entire company, providing you with satisfaction and motivation for a healthy career.

got flexibility.

Don’t get stuck with the same tasks for the rest of your career! Branching out into other departments and learning new skills is encouraged at Nuvation. We accommodate all our employees in achieving their career goals.

got benefits.

Our competitive salaries are negotiated on an individual basis, reflecting your unique blend of skills and experience. Nuvation also offers an excellent benefits program, including access to a 401(k) retirement plan (where available by law), medical, life, and disability offerings. On a day-to-day level, Nuvation provides all the amenities at the office to help you be most efficient.

got innovation.

Nuvation is fast-paced with a relaxed culture. With group work areas, casual clothing and an open door policy, Nuvation’s comfortable environment supports our continuous sprint. Our interactive teams feed off each other, constantly learning and teaching.

got life.

Joining Nuvation automatically fills up the rest of your social calendar. The team works hard and plays hard. From company costume parties and movie nights, to day trips and sports activities, the Nuvation team is full of life!

got moose.

Best of all, Nuvation’s sense of humour is a little off-center, with our moose mascot, robot competitions, and nerf gun culture!

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