Getting DevOps off the Ground

By Chris Malone | Sep 13, 2017


Over the last 10 years the concept of “IT” has divided into two distinct fields: infrastructure support and DevOps. While the former remains a fundamental component to a successful IT department, implementing DevOps is now required in order to keep pace with the speed of modern deployments. DevOps bring stakeholders from both Development and Operations (IT) teams into the same collaborative space, where infrastructure changes and software delivery benefits from a common continuum of tools.

Nuvation Engineering IT Manager, Chris Malone, put together "Getting DevOps off the Ground," a publication that lays the groundwork for this collaboration by implementing a flexible, configurable infrastructure on which rapid and repeatable deployment to both virtualized and bare metal machines can be achieved. The publication leverages Ubuntu, SaltStack, gitfs, and PXE as major technologies and explores detailed processes around virtualization, preseed files, code compilation, DHCP services, git flow, bash scripting, live boot, and more. 

Read the full publication here.

Note: This book is published under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0: all content and associated code is available in its entirety to the community. You can access the code base on GitHub.