Integrated Design to Manufacturing (IDM)

Bridging Electronic Design and New Product Introduction (NPI)

Nuvation’s Integrated Design to Manufacturing (IDM) services facilitate the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase of electronic product development. We are able to transition your electronic product development from design to manufacturing faster by offering concurrent design engineering, manufacturing engineering, new product introduction, production ramp, and production management services. This service includes:

  • Incorporating specific manufacturing requirements into the design process
  • Establishing and optimizing an end-to-end supply chain to facilitate manufacturing
  • Back-end design stages e.g. compliance certifications, packaging design, etc.
  • Manufacturing engineering to prepare the design for volume production
  • Defining fabrication/assembly/configuration, test, and quality systems
  • Production pilot, ramp, and management of entire production process


The Nuvation IDM Advantage

One Source Responsibility

  • Simplified and cohesive engagement from Concept to Production phases
  • Our clients can stay focused on their core competencies while we manage all phases of the project; we perform the software and hardware development, source components, obtain technical support from technology partners, design to and obtain industry and regulatory certifications, develop hardware prototypes, transition to and manage volume production

Manufacturing Expertise in the Design Engineering Process

  • Focus on lowest designed unit cost, not just Bill of Materials (BoM) cost and scale efficiencies
  • Engineered up-front for manufacture at high production volumes
  • Deep industry partnerships and reliable supply chain – we receive direct and rapid support from all major semiconductor and other component suppliers, have strong and highly responsive working relationships with our product manufacturing partners

Specific Design Knowledge in the Manufacturing Process

  • Ensure Production processes match design complexity and quantity goals
  • Rapid Pilot, Ramp, and Mass Production root cause analysis and correction
  • Expedited and competent Production and Supply Chain problem mitigation

Concurrent Design and Manufacturing Processes

  • Minimize overall Time-to-Market and Time-to-Revenue (see diagram above)
  • Reduce cycle churn with tightly coupled and accurate team communication
  • Shorten overall critical path by eliminating many serial dependencies