Engineering Project Management

A Quality-Focused Approach

Nuvation’s hardware and software engineers build complex and innovative electronic products that have never been made before. Our impressive track record of First-Time-Right designs can be attributed to 18 years of continuously improving our engineering project management approaches to efficiently deliver high quality products that are solidly tested, professionally documented and ready for production.

Our engineering design services (EDS) also include transition to volume production, which we manage using a process we refer to as “Integrated Design to Manufacturing” or IDM.


Nuvation Project Methodology Chart

At the core of both of our engineering project management methodologies is a phased execution approach. Quality reviews are built into every phase of the engineering project by putting deliverables through a review process that involves both internal and client sign-offs before the next phase begins.

Keeping the Client in the Project

At Nuvation we strongly believe in keeping client-side stakeholders “in the loop” by engaging with them throughout the project. This includes proactively identifying potential risks and issues early and doing our best to provide solutions and options when reporting problems.

We conduct weekly meetings with key internal and client-side project stakeholders where we discuss action items, the anticipated schedule, open issues, and the progress of the project. We track this communication with the Project Progress Report (PPR), a document that is delivered to all participants prior to the meeting then re-sent afterwards with minutes added. This report serves as a weekly paper trail of action-items, decisions made, and project progress. The PPR covers all aspects of the project including milestone & deliverable tracking, budget & schedule tracking, invoice & expense tracking.