DiscoFish is Reborn

By Nuvation | May 31, 2014


The DiscoFish Burning Man mutant vehicle was born in 2002 from the humble single parent that was the Storm art car.  After hitchhiking around the universe for 8 years, DiscoFish came back to the playa all grown up, louder and brighter than ever.

In 2011, Team Nuvation reimagined and rebuilt DiscoFish, even bigger and better than the original. The new art car took inspiration from the angler fish, and was dressed in its disco-finest.   Converted from a 21 person, double-decker bus, DiscoFish offers a complete pro-audio sound system, front stage, 30″ illuminated disco ball, and fold down padded fins for guest seating.  Designed to entertain hundreds of people on open desert, a pair of K2 amps and three 18″ subwoofers rock tunes to an extended illuminated dance floor.  Come inside the fish to grab a drink at the installed full bar, or climb up to the second level, hang with the DJ, chill and take it all in.  This awesome machine is covered with 500 scales that are individually LED lit and computer controlled to have patterns or messages ripple over the fish.

What’s a Mutant Vehicle?  From the Burning Man website:
A Mutant Vehicle is a unique, motorized creation that shows little or no resemblance to their original form, or to any standard street vehicle. Mutant Vehicles are radically, stunningly, (usually) permanently, and safely modified from their base vehicle. Sometimes the whole vehicle is made from scratch.

Mutant Vehicles are integral to the culture and community at Burning Man. They contribute to the surreal, visual quality that binds Black Rock City together.


We’re now designing upgrades for 2012.  What do you think should be our next DiscoFish upgrade?  Let us know in know in the comments below!