Nuvation Partners with Valydate for Signal & Power Integrity Analysis

By Kaitlyn Howarth | Feb 6, 2017

“Nuvation is a perfect partner for us as we complement their design team with our verification expertise. Valydate verification engineers work closely with Nuvation design engineers to ensure that c...

Nuvation Featured as an Ontario Success Story

Jan 24, 2017

The Ontario government recently featured Nuvation on their website as an Ontario success story. Nuvation CEO Michael Worry met some folks in Silicon Valley from the Ministry of Economic Development an...

Meet the Team: Ken Wells

By Lindsay Farlow | Oct 10, 2016

Senior Design Engineer Ken Wells has been with Nuvation for less than a year, but he has already worked on so many things that I had a tough time keeping this interview under 5 pages. Though he’s mo...


Energy Storage North America

By Kaitlyn Howarth | Aug 8, 2017

August 8-10, 2017, San Diego, California – Next August visit us at Energy Storage North America to see a live demonstration of Nuvation BMS! If you’re interested in learning more, contact us to bo...


Embedded Software Development: Outsource or In-House?

Feb 6, 2017

Nuvation COO Discusses Embedded Software Development with Digital Engineering Magazine Sunnyvale California, October 2016. Nuvation’s COO Michael Hermann was recently interviewed for the October ...

Measuring 1MWh in Lemon Batteries

By Nate Wennyk | Oct 22, 2016

Helping the average person understand the energy stored by a 1MWh energy storage system can sometime involve making some pretty interesting comparisons. Where more commonly one might see something lik...

A Closer Look at PCB Traces

By Pi Zhang, Karl Morant | Jul 13, 2016

Introduction Waterloo, Ontario, July 2016. A frequently asked question during Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout review meetings is, “Are 50-ohm traces being used for the digital signals in this ...