Purigen Case Study

Nuvation Engineering built Mr. Tipsy, an automated drink pouring machine that can make 22 different cocktails. Mr. Tipsy has access to 10 ingredients that are stored in a bar fridge, which uses stepper motors that dispense the prescribed amount for the given drink.


By Mark Bingeman | Jul 22, 2019

An emerging issue is the bandwidth gap between the major communication interfaces (PCIe, Ethernet, USB, etc.), and the external memory interfaces (typically DDR3/4). FPGAs are becoming more capable with the integration of higher-level functional blocks.
Simulating Embedded Devices
Simulations are widely used to study and come up with solutions to possible problems that could occur in certain systems. If a simulation accurately models an embedded device, it can effectively be used to masquerade in place of the embedded device itself.
Ever wonder what’s involved in sending a rocket to outer space? We designed and built a data acquisition system for Space Systems Loral (SSL). The system was used to measure the shock and vibrations that occur when a spacecraft separates on its way into space.

Welcome to the Garage

Jul 15, 2018

It’s big, it’s loud, it’s messy. And that’s what we love about it. The Garage is a place where Nuvation's engineers hang out on their spare time to explore ideas, work on personal projects and get creative. From go-karts to beer dispensers, it’s where our team spends a lot of time.

Meet eRex

Jul 16, 2018

eRex is an electric vehicle that Nuvation Engineering started building for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE. When we could not find a suitable battery management system (BMS) to use in the vehicle, we decided to make one ourselves.
When Freescale Semiconductor asked for our help building a marketing demo, we never imagined what the outcome would be. We expected it to be a tough project, having only nine short weeks to form a concept and build the system.
Nuvation Waterloo Design Center
We are excited to announce that Nuvation’s Waterloo Design Center has moved to a new location in Waterloo, Ontario! Although we made many great memories at our old office, we are looking forward to starting our next chapter at 40 Bathurst Drive, Waterloo.