Purigen Case Study

Power Supply Design
In many products, devices are used to transform AC mains power to a different operating voltage. Power supply design is a crucial step in architecture development. Modern power supplies are required to meet several stringent requirements for safety, EMI regulation and efficiency.
A few years ago, the Nuvation Silicon Valley office got a keg. After hours, employees could throw a few bucks in the money can and kick back and enjoy a cold brew on the patio with their coworkers. No one had to venture very far or pay very much.
PCB Layout
To create robust and cost-effective printed circuit boards, layout designers need to follow best practices for PCB footprint generation. The quality of a PCB footprint directly impacts the performance, reliability and quality of the PCB assembly.
Angry Moose
At the 2013 Battery Show in Detroit we decided something was required to set the Nuvation booth apart. We needed something entertaining. Something Interactive. Something that reflected our fun and geeky company culture. And with that, Angry Moose was born!