Purigen Case Study

Nuvation Autonomous Vehicle
The Ontario government featured Nuvation on their website a success story. Nuvation was recognized because of our research with the University of Waterloo in autonomous vehicle technology, and putting that technology into a Peterbilt truck!
Measuring Power with Lemon Batteries
Helping the one understand the energy stored by a 1MWh energy storage system can involve making some pretty interesting comparisons. We came across a comparison of “the equivalent of over 2 million iPhone batteries” that sent our BMS team trying to out-do each other.
Ken Wells
Senior Design Engineer Ken Wells has been with Nuvation for less than a year, but he has already worked on so many projects. Though he’s mostly an FPGA development and Verilog coding specialist, he has experience in almost all facets of engineering design.
Aerospace Electronic Design
Nuvation has been noticing a significant uptick in new product development projects and we thought you might enjoy a quick peek into some of the things companies have been asking us to design for them. Take a look at what innovators in various industries are up to.
Printed Circuit Board
A frequently asked question during Nuvation Engineering's Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout review meetings is, “Are 50-ohm traces being used for the digital signals in this PCB layout?” Often the answer to this question is “yes”.