Purigen Case Study

Aerospace Electronic Design
Nuvation has been noticing a significant uptick in new product development projects and we thought you might enjoy a quick peek into some of the things companies have been asking us to design for them. Take a look at what innovators in various industries are up to.
Printed Circuit Board
A frequently asked question during Nuvation Engineering's Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout review meetings is, “Are 50-ohm traces being used for the digital signals in this PCB layout?” Often the answer to this question is “yes”.
Health Monitoring Device
A variety of innovative approaches were required to design a product compliant with all applicable medical device, telecommunications and radio interference standards. Part of the challenge involved connecting three boards with flat-flex cables within a plastic enclosure.
Wearable Device Security
Nuvation Engineering has been working on developing a wearable security sensor that will help deter assaults and bring perpetrators to justice. The product is targeted to individuals who need to be in situations where they could be a potential target for criminals.