Purigen Case Study

IOT Sensor Networks
Learn the secrets of low-power IoT sensor network design with real-world project examples in our whitepaper. Topics include low-power sleep modes for battery-powered sensors, a wireless networking protocol, Amazon Web Services as a cloud solution, and more.
Nuvation Autonomous Vehicle
The Ontario government featured Nuvation on their website a success story. Nuvation was recognized because of our research with the University of Waterloo in autonomous vehicle technology, and putting that technology into a Peterbilt truck!
Measuring Power with Lemon Batteries
Helping the one understand the energy stored by a 1MWh energy storage system can involve making some pretty interesting comparisons. We came across a comparison of “the equivalent of over 2 million iPhone batteries” that sent our BMS team trying to out-do each other.
Ken Wells
Senior Design Engineer Ken Wells has been with Nuvation for less than a year, but he has already worked on so many projects. Though he’s mostly an FPGA development and Verilog coding specialist, he has experience in almost all facets of engineering design.