Purigen Case Study

Franken Systems
At Nuvation Engineering we began using the term “Franken-systems” many years ago (maybe back in the late 90’s?). Somebody probably blurted it out on seeing a lab setup with wires running all over between development boards and perfboard circuit prototypes.
Audio Testing
Nuvation Engineering recently developed a product for a client that was a high-quality audio recording device with an integrated microphone. Our client needed their device to have a high dynamic range and low noise, but also a low production cost.
4K Video Design Challenges
Nuvation Engineering has completed a number of 4K video design projects for many industries. Although the design requirements vary greatly, an FPGA can be a great architecture choice whether you're capturing, streaming, processing, or transcoding your video.
Printed Circuit Board
With the booming demand for IoT devices, everyone is getting connected. Our clients want to make new and innovative products that are connected to the internet, but they’re not willing to sacrifice their bottom-line with expensive wireless integration.
Electronic Design in Space
Nuvation Engineering has completed a complex data acquisition design for a space application. This would be a fairly involved project for a terrestrial application, but the fact that it was for space imposed some significant constraints on the electronic design.