Purigen Case Study

Effective Schematics
Creating a great schematic is more than just producing a technically correct netlist. Your schematic should be organized in a way that’s easy for others to understand. Someone unfamiliar with the design should be able to pick up a schematic and get a good feel for design objectives.
Once autonomous driving was up and running we decided to also implement drive-by-wire, so that a person could also drive the Fish by remote control. The drive-by-wire design uses a Spektrum DX7s 2.4GHz transmitter and an AR8000 8-Channel DSMX receiver.
Power Supply Design
Power Factor Correction (PFC) allows AC power distribution to operate at its maximum efficiency. A power factor corrected load appears resistive to its source. This implies that the input current must differ from the sinusoidal source voltage by only a scaling factor.
Design Prototype
Often companies think that once the product is designed and prototyped (5-10 units), all that remains is a ramp up in volume to production. To ramp up production, however, an electronic manufacturing services provider (EMS, or Contract Manufacturer), needs to “build to print”.
Power Supply Design
In many products, devices are used to transform AC mains power to a different operating voltage. Power supply design is a crucial step in architecture development. Modern power supplies are required to meet several stringent requirements for safety, EMI regulation and efficiency.
A few years ago, the Nuvation Silicon Valley office got a keg. After hours, employees could throw a few bucks in the money can and kick back and enjoy a cold brew on the patio with their coworkers. No one had to venture very far or pay very much.
PCB Layout
To create robust and cost-effective printed circuit boards, layout designers need to follow best practices for PCB footprint generation. The quality of a PCB footprint directly impacts the performance, reliability and quality of the PCB assembly.