Purigen Case Study

Nuvation FAQ
In our last post, we discussed the Initial Design Engagement. During the first phase of a client project, we gather requirements, create design descriptions, prepare the Acceptance Test Plan and the Project Work Plan. Here are some common questions clients ask us about the process.
Effective Schematics
Creating a great schematic is more than just producing a technically correct netlist. Your schematic should be organized in a way that’s easy for others to understand. Someone unfamiliar with the design should be able to pick up a schematic and get a good feel for design objectives.
This year’s additions of autonomous design, drive-by-wire capabilities, and the snazzy new tail worked beautifully. We also made some significant infrastructure upgrades such as adding dually wheels. While not as flashy, these modifications improved the load rating and reliability of the Fish.
Once autonomous driving was up and running we decided to also implement drive-by-wire, so that a person could also drive the Fish by remote control. The drive-by-wire design uses a Spektrum DX7s 2.4GHz transmitter and an AR8000 8-Channel DSMX receiver.